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This section contains Javascript scripts, references, and resources. JavaScript is a scripting language that is used for client-side dynamic website features. Client-side means the work is done by the visitor's browser rather than the web server (server-side).

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Host Gator
Host Gator offers shared, reseller and dedicated hosting solutions. The primary factor that gives Host Gator the editor's pick is Host Gator's exceptional reputation within the webmaster community. As a client with Host Gator myself, I can recommend this host with confidence. Also, having experienced over ten other hosts in my time, I can honestly say that Host Gator is better than the competition.


Future Shock - JavaScript Functions
Easy to use ready-made javascripts including: pop-up free date selector, email address validation and credit card validation.


Disable / Customize Right Click Menu with RightClickmySite.com
Now you can customize the right click menu of your website! RightClickMySite.com lets your web site take control of your visitors right click menu. Add your logo, site menu and customize your right click menu. Make your site original, make it stand out, a

Gatescript - The Complete JavaScript Gate
This site is the JavaScript gateway to the Internet; you can learn here the language fundamental with a lot of examples (more then 1500).

Host Scripts: JavaScript
Directory of JavaScript resources. Featuring books, scripts, programs, tips, and tutorials.

JavaScript Tip of the Week
The JavaScript Tip of the Week archive is a collection of 30 coding tips with complete source code, working examples, and commentary.

Pop-Up Menu Builder
Easy creation of the popup menu on mouse right button click to your site. For its creation you do not need to know html, not need to download anything programs, it's free.

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