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The following listings provide services to allow web sites to accept payments through the World Wide Web. Shopping cart software such as osCommerce can be found in the shopping carts section.


Paypal's strength is the fact that it's a common means of transferring money online (as any eBay user will tell you). The service is free to join, with fees calculated as a percentage of the transaction amount received. What makes Paypal so good i


Accept Online Checks with ILoveChecks
Accept checks online, by fax or phone. One-off or subscriber billing. Integrates with all major shopping carts. Free trial available.

Now with over 56 million accounts, PayPal lets you send money to anyone with email. PayPal is free for consumers and works seamlessly with your existing credit card and checking account. You can settle debts, borrow cash, divide bills or split expenses wi

Print & Pay
Accept cash payments for online purchases. Print & Pay is accepted at over 5,000 locations. Costs are competitive with Credit Cards but without the risk!

Provide Live Help
Provie Live Help allows you to chat with your website visitors, enabling you to give instant online customer support and pro-actively sell your product.

Storefront Shopping Cart Software
StoreFront couples powerful online shopping cart software with the services merchants need for e-commerce success. StoreFront offers a feature-rich e-commerce shopping cart software solution for multi-channel online sales, featuring integration with lead

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