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Relocating: The Entrepreneur's Guide

By: Ethel Laire
Published: June 24 2022

Are you and your family planning a move? If you’re running a business, you’ll have a lot on your plate as you plan your move. The following resources can help small business owners and their families navigate the process of relocating.

Before You Move

Preparing for your move in advance can reduce your stress levels and help you stay organized - these resources will show you how to do it!

  • Save time and energy by finding local moving pros to handle the job.
  • Will you have a long journey from your current home to your new home? Here's how to stay frugal while traveling.
  • Prior to your arrival, get your utilities connected at your new house so that you'll have Internet, water, and electricity as soon as you arrive.

Settling Down

You're excited to be in your new home. Include these items on your to-do list as you settle in!

  • Follow this strategy to accelerate the unpacking process and get your new home organized faster - this will let your family relax after the long trip!
  • Set up your home office early so that you have a clean, comfortable place to catch up on work after your move.
  • Finally, don’t forget to have some fun! Make a list of places you want to visit in your new city or town and put together a road trip itinerary for your family.

Business Transition

Shifting your business to a new area may require some legal hurdles and upgrades.

  • Register your business in your new location.
  • If you plan to hire new employees after your relocation, make sure to comply with labor laws and hiring regulations.
  • Use a cloud-based invoicing solution to create custom invoices and send them online so you can get paid faster.

If you've decided to move and re-establish your business in a new area, you're undertaking a major project. But the results will be worth it for your company. With these resources, you'll be able to make it through your move with ease!

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