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This section contains services that enable webmasters to add polls and surveys to exiting websites.

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Host Gator
Host Gator offers shared, reseller and dedicated hosting solutions. The primary factor that gives Host Gator the editor's pick is Host Gator's exceptional reputation within the webmaster community. As a client with Host Gator myself, I can recommend this host with confidence. Also, having experienced over ten other hosts in my time, I can honestly say that Host Gator is better than the competition.


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Advanced Survey
Create and host free advanced online surveys for personal, employee or customer surveys with Advanced Online surveys.

Chipmunk Free Poll Script
Chipmunk poll is a simple poll and admin.Version 2.3 lets you create, edit, and delete choices and polls. This is not a multiple poll setup, you may only have 1 poll going at a time. Features an easy to use Admin panel. Mysql required

Personalized Poll / Quiz Vote Script
Create a poll for your site in seconds, using a simple cut and paste asp script.

Pliner.net: Polls
Pliner.Net Polls add fun and interactivity to your web site! After you create your free poll by filling out a simple online form, you simply copy and paste the HTML provided to your web site! Display live voting results with cool 3D bar and pie charts!

Make an online poll where visitors can win prizes as an incentive to take the poll.

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